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New Lecture

A new lecture by Dr. J.P. Moreland is available.
Have you ever been confronted with the following question:
"Haven't you ever been wrong about something your senses told you was true? If so, how do you know that your senses can be trusted now?"
...Or perhaps...
"Isn't it possible that you could be wrong about what you claim to know? If so, how can you truly claim to know it?"
In Skepticism & Epistemology Dr. J.P. Moreland discusses different types of skepticism and their claims concerning knowledge. In this very informative lecture Dr. Moreland equips you with some tools and examples to use when encountering the skeptic's response. Look for this and other lectures available in the Audio section. Also available is this video production utah source in Savvy Productions.

The Academy is a ministry to the body of Christ whose goal is to provide each and every Christian with the materials needed to learn how to articulate and defend their faith in a way that stands up to intellectual criticism. Christianity is the most important part of this website. An outward expression of those beliefs is christian jewelry for sale. There are many facets to the discipline of Christian apologetics. This site is a collection of resources which reflects this diversity. These materials are meant to give a well rounded view of some of the finest resources available. One of our favorite resources is the contract compliance audit guide that can be found here at clear contract compliance. They allow us continue learning and moving our website forward.

The Academy of Christian Apologetics Web Site exists as a resource. The Academy was once a school for teaching apologetics but has ceased offering classes and is no longer an organization. The web site remains simply as a resource.


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