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Welcome to the Academy of Christian Apologetics

Welcome to the revised Academy of Christian Apologetics web site. This site will continue to change over the weeks and months ahead but you will find that most of the original content is now available. Note that many links display under multiple categories. This is by design and is to help you locate useful content quickly and easily. Please check back often, new functionality is under development as well as new content.


 New Items
General Revelation Audio Lecture - Tuesday, May 17, 2005
John Mark Reynolds unpacks the concept of General Revelation in this lecture.   read more...
Problems of Evil Video - Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Doug Geivett's classic lecture now online in Video format!   read more...
Craig Hazen Lecture Series - Wednesday, April 27, 2005
This is a 4 part lecture series that examines world religions (audio for all 4 parts now online).   read more...
Problems of Evil Audio Lecture - Thursday, April 21, 2005
Excellent lecture by Doug Geivett from Biola University.  


 What is the Academy?
The Academy is a ministry to the body of Christ whose goal is to provide each and every Christian with the materials needed to learn how to articulate and defend their faith in a way that stands up to intellectual criticism. There are many facets to the discipline of Christian apologetics. This site is a collection of resources which reflects this diversity. These materials are meant to give a well rounded view of some of the finest resources available.

The Academy of Christian Apologetics Web Site exists as a resource. The Academy was once a school for teaching apologetics but has ceased offering classes and is no longer an organization. The web site remains simply as a resource.


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If you find this site useful please help us support the costs of hosting by purchasing books via our links (the Books section). We are an Amazon affiliate so we make a very small commission on each book or video that is purchased via one of our links. You pay the same price whether you purchase via our link or directly through Amazon so, hopefully, you'll help us maintain this site. We don't accept donations but thanks to those who have offered!

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